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Wellness Screen

Do you want to find out whether there maybe problems developing before signs or symptoms become apparent? Or perhaps you would like to have a thorough health check?

With our wellness screen, we offer a full health MOT

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Are you worried about developing an illness?

Are you worried about your family history causing you a health concern?

Would you like to do a thorough health check MOT?

Look no further

At Elemental health clinic we can offer you a full wellness screen.

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Our comprehensive screen includes checking your blood count markers, kidney function, liver function, bone profile, cholesterol markers, diabetes markers, nutritional markers (vitamin D, B12, B9 and Ferritin), Thyroid function, inflammation markers, Female hormones for women and PSA for Men

A blood test kit will be sent to you, enabling you to either have the blood test at home or at a clinic near you*.

Once the results are available, you will have a follow up consultation with a Doctor trained in lifestyle and functional medicine, therefore offering you a truly holistic, multisystem review of your health and wellbeing.

Why not combine this with a nutrition appointment to truly optimise this experience?


Includes all testing, 1 hour consultation with the Doctor &/or Nutritional Therapist, and your very own personalised health +/- nutrition plan

With Doctor: £435

With Doctor & Nutritional Therapist (2 hours in total): £595

*Phlebotomy clinic cost excluded from the test price, price can vary between £30 - £50 dependent on location. We can provide assistance to locate a phlebotomy clinic near you



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