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Hypothyroidism is extremely common amongst men and women. Approximately 3% of the European population has Hypothyroidism.


The conventional approach to managing this is usually with Levothyroxine, a form of thyroid replacement. Yet there is SO much more that can be done utilising the functional medicine and nutritional principles, that truly has the power to reduce thyroid symptoms, and potentially put hypothyroidism into remission.


If you want to give your thyroid a chance to heal or improve naturally, or are struggling to get on top of your symptoms of your underactive thyroid then this masterclass is perfect for you.


We cover holistic treatment, lifestyle and nutritional strategies, that if followed, has the power to improve your thyroid function, and hopefully prevent long term health consequences.

Dr Kumaran's Thyroid Story:

"I was diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroidism when I finished university, and a few years later with Hashimoto's thyroiditis.


Not once did a Doctor tell me to think about diet / lifestyle / stress / gut health and its impact on the thyroid gland.


My conventional medicine training also meant I didn't really think much of this, I took levothyroxine and carried on as 'normal', not paying attention to my lifestyle, nutrition, and environment.


One of my biggest regrets is not having discovered functional medicine when I was diagnosed. Had I known what I know now, I could have put my hypothyroidism into remission. Yet it wasn't too late, once I was empowered with my knowledge, dietary and lifestyle changes did help drop my TPO antibody level, and I was able to reduce the dose of Levothyroxine I was taking.


If I could do that, years after my diagnosis, you can too, it is never too late.


The conventional model didn't even know I needed levothyroxine when I was pregnant with my eldest, as I had subclinical hypothyroidism then. I went through my entire first trimester without taking thyroxine when I should have been. And even after diagnosis, not once did a doctor sit me down to discuss my diet and lifestyle. The model needs to change, and I can show you how and why...."

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