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Did you know, in the current UK health system they only routinely test Thyroid Stimulating hormone (TSH), out of 8 available thyroid markers?


At Elemental health clinic, we can offer the full thyroid panel for a thorough thyroid check. Choose one of two options to suit you.


Our Basic Thyroid panel tests for TSH, Total T4, Thyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPO), Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TgAb), free T4, and free T3 and the comprehensive thyroid panel  tests for T3 Uptake and Reverse T3 in addition to that in the basic thyroid panel.


The Thyroid is a small gland that sits at the bottom of our neck. It is responsible for producing thyroid hormone.

There can be many reasons why the thyroid gland becomes impaired, the most common reason being an autoimmune response by our body producing antibodies to the thyroid gland. However, we now also know that stress, food intolerances, nutrient deficiencies, poor gut health, and environmental toxins can also affect thyroid function and thyroid hormone production. 

Symptoms to suggest you may have a thyroid problem include

Weight gain

Brain Fog

Low Mood

Feeling cold all the time

Feeling tired all the time

Hair Loss


Dry, Coarse Skin & Hair

Brittle nails

Loss of the outer third of your eyebrow

Muscle pain

Raised cholesterol levels

Low Libido

Heavy Periods/ Irregular Periods

Puffiness in the face

Hoarse voice

If you have any of these symptoms, then it is advisable to get your FULL thyroid function test checked.

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The Thyroid Checks

Our Thyroid Checks include comprehensive testing and holistic solutions to improve the health of your thyroid gland that may prevent you from needing medication/ reduce the dose of medication you are taking.

If medications are required, Dr Kumaran can prescribe T3 treatment and Natural Desiccated Thyroid Hormone (NDT). To obtain this you can also book an initial appointment without choosing a package below.

The conventional approach to hypothyroidism is to treat with levothyroxine, but in functional medicine we do more, we look at reducing inflammation, regulating gut health and the immune system, and possible food intolerances and dietary triggers. Through functional medicine, it is possible to get remission!

Blood test kits are posted to you and can be undertaken at a phlebotomy clinic near you*. Blood Testing RRP is £100 for a Basic Thyroid Panel and £194 for a Comprehensive Thyroid Panel. By booking this package you are getting a favourable rate on testing.

*Phlebotomy clinic cost excluded from the test price, price can vary between £30 - £50 dependent on location. We can provide assistance to locate a phlebotomy clinic near you

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Basic Thyroid Panel 

An initial blood test to assess your basic thyroid panel (includes hormone levels and antibodies), with a 30 minute follow up consultation with the Doctor or Nutritional Therapist (NT) to discuss your results and management plan.

With our NT: £214

With our Doctor : £256

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Comprehensive Thyroid Panel 

An initial blood test to assess your comprehensive thyroid panel (includes all tests in the previous panel and an additional test that assess thyroid hormone uptake by the thyroid gland) with a 30 minute follow up consultation with the Doctor or Nutritional Therapist (NT) to discuss your results and management plan.

With our NT: £299

With our Doctor: £341



A holistic approach



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