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Meet The Doctors

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Dr Nirusa Kumaran

GP, Certified Lifestyle Medicine Doctor, Functional Medicine Doctor, Founder & Medical Director

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sleep disorder

Dr Preet Chana

Internal Medicine & Functional Medicine Doctor

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Dr Nirusa Kumaran


Hello, I'm Dr Kumaran, Founder and Medical Director of Elemental Health Clinic, I'm a practising NHS and Private GP, Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician and Functional Medicine Specialist. I have over 10 years of clinical experience working as a medical doctor in the UK, and some of my GP career has been spent working for a Practice attached to a major London University. 

I am passionate about holistic, integrative and patient centred care. Gut health, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Bioenergetics are my areas of special interest. I am a SIBO approved medical practitioner as certified by the SIBO Doctor.

After facing my own health challenges and my youngest daughter’s health problems with severe eczema and multiple food allergies at the tender age of 5 weeks, I was driven to explore root causes and look for potential ways to reverse and restore optimal health and vitality. This led me to the practice of functional medicine. As such, I have since completed further qualifications as a functional medicine practitioner.

I follow a whole foods plant based diet and am an advocate for plant based nutrition. Since fully switching to this diet, I have gained tremendous personal health benefits, heightened energy levels, more attuned attention and improved mental wellbeing. 

Having been a recipient of coaching myself, I am a strong advocate for the power of coaching for shifts in health and wellness. Utilising the tools of coaching, lifestyle and functional medicine, I myself have been able to overcome burnout/ fatigue and digestive issues. 

I have many passions outside of my medical career. I am a mum of 2 young girls. I love practising yoga, meditation, dancing and mantra singing.

My secret pro skill is photography and editing!

My qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (BMBS)- University of Nottingham, 2011

  • Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (BMedSci) - University of Nottingham, 2009

  • Membership of Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP) 2017

  • Diplomate Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (DRCOG) 2012

  • Diplomate Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health (DFSRH) 2015

  • Diplomate International Board of Lifestyle Medicine and British Society of Lifestyle Medicine (Dip IBLM/ BSLM) 2019

  • Functional Medicine Qualifications with Institute of Functional Medicine:

    • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) 2020

    • Advanced Practice Modules:

      • Immune Health 2021

      • Cardiometabolic Health 2021

      • Hormonal Health 2021

      • Bioenergetics 2021

      • Gastrointestinal Health 2021

  • Advanced course in Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis with Kharrazian Institute 2021

  • Advanced course in Chronic Fatigue and Chronic pain with Kharrazian Institute 2021

  • Advanced course in Gastrointestinal Health with Kharrazian Institute 2021

  • SIBO Mastery Course with SIBO Doctor 2021

  • Advanced course in Neuroinflammation with Kharrazian Institute 2022

  • Nutrigenomics Practitioner Program by Lifecode GX 2022

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Dr Preet Chana


Hello, my name is Dr Preet Chana and I’m a medical doctor and functional medicine
practitioner. From an early age I have been interested in diet and a holistic approach to health due to my own struggles with eczema. I quickly learnt that there was no cream that was going to provide a cure and there was something else going on, on a deeper level. I was continually trying to work out what was causing my skin issues because tackling the cause seemed a more logical approach.

I qualified from The University of Birmingham in 2013 and have been practicing as a doctor in the NHS for over 8 years. The majority of my experience is in general internal medicine or hospital medicine. I also have 2 years’ experience working in mental health. During my medical training, I have been disillusioned with the lack of attention paid to nutrition and lifestyle in favour of drugs and surgery. I saw many patients who failed to get better with conventional medicine or who were suffering from awful side effects of medication and I thought there must be another way. Through changes to my own diet and environment, managing my stress and with the use of supplements I had certainly seen benefits to not only my skin but my energy levels, sleep quality, digestion and psychological well being. I later came across functional medicine and became involved with a local group called The Yorkshire Wellness Group where I connected with like-minded health professionals. I then went on to do further training with the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) in London. Functional medicine is aligned with the holistic and individualized approach to health that I truly believe in. It aims to identify and address underlying root causes of disease, not just suppress the symptoms. It acknowledges that each person is unique, that two people may have the same disease but may have very different causes and require different treatment.

Whilst working as a functional medicine practitioner I have treated patients with a variety of medical problems including diabetes, thyroid disorders, gut disorders, mental health problems, fatigue, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, angina, fatty liver and osteoporosis.

I enjoy being a generalist and looking at all the body systems together rather than as separate organs. I am particularly interested in gut health because this is where many chronic diseases begin. In my practice, I am passionate about health optimization and empowering patients to take control of their own health and wellbeing.

In my down time, I enjoy relaxing with a cup of Bulletproof coffee, experimenting with
different recipes, walking with friends or simply soaking up the energy of the city in my
hometown, Leeds.

My qualifications:
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery MBChB - University of Birmingham 2013
● Special Study Module (SSM): Introduction to Herbal medicine
Qualifications with The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM):
● Applying Functional Medicine to Clinical Practice (AFMCP) 2018


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