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What clients say about our Practitioners at Elemental Health Clinic

Maddie D. Berkshire

I sought out Elemental Health after a disappointing experience with my GP. My GP wasn’t listening to me or addressing my symptoms of the Hypothyroidism diagnosis that they had given me. My GP wasn’t willing to discuss alternative methods of healing, never discussed my diet and lifestyle and even told me untruths about what the NHS would prescribe and telling me that I shouldn’t believe everything I read on the internet. The fact was that I was miserable, every day for over nine months and I felt desperate. I was considering reducing my hours at work and even considered leaving my job all together as I just couldn’t keep up with the work day any longer.

Working with the Elemental Health Team has been such a refreshing experience. Dr Nirusa immediately diagnosed me with the Auto Immune disease Hashimotos which was the cause of the Hypothyroidism. From the beginning I have been listened to, I have been able to discuss my health in depth with doctor Nirusa and Ruth the Nutritionist. I have never had a chronic illness so I had lots of questions and concerns. It really feels like a team effort to tackle my health from every angle – I am very much part of that team.

I have seen positive results from a complete overhaul of my diet and lifestyle under the close advice and guidance of Dr Nirusa and Ruth. The extreme fatigue I was experiencing has improved by nearly 100%, my psoriasis that caused my skin to crack and bleed on my scalp and face has healed, my leg aches have significantly improved and the eye pain that was causing me constant pain and swelling on a daily basis has gone. I am over the moon. My quality of life is getting better day by day. Day to day life no longer feels like a struggle and I’m no longer miserable. I have complete confidence in the Elemental Health Team and will be forever grateful for how they have helped me.

Kathy M. London

I highly recommend Elemental Health Clinic to Local Mums. I was so pleased to find Dr Kumaran and her Functional Medicine clinic after a frustrating experience with my NHS GP. I had tried for years to get a referral and treatment for my daughter’s troubling eczema and thyroid symptoms but was offered nothing but steroid cream after steroid cream. Instead of the rushed 10 minute consultation you get with an NHS doctor, Nirusa spent an hour talking to myself and my daughter via a very effective Zoom meeting, fully understanding her health and our family situation and making a holistic diagnosis. She preceded the consultation with an in-depth but easy to complete online questionnaire. Nirusa's advice and interpretation of my daughter’s blood tests and health questionnaire was excellent and the correct holistic diagnosis was thoroughly researched. She also offered a fully comprehensive series of steps to take regarding diet, supplements, exercise and mental health. This coupled with the clinic’s excellent nutritional therapist’s advice meant that my daughter felt understood and listened to for the first time by a doctor and has already made significant improvement. I can’t recommend Elemental Health Clinic highly enough if you want a thorough understanding of your condition and how to treat the root cause, not just take pills or damaging steroid creams.

Helen L, Berkshire

Dr Kumaran was great, just what we needed, and it was all handled very well from setting up the appointment through the follow up afterwards.

Peter L, Berkshire

This was the first time that I had used the clinic. All the arrangements worked perfectly, there was zero stress and I was very impressed with Nirusa. I would have no hesitation in recommending the team to anyone seeking a friendly, professional and efficient consultation.

Bhavini P, London

I had a great experience with Steph, the functional medicine nutritionist. She was attentive, empathetic and most importantly listened. I left with recommendations for some tests and also an extensive report of some changes I can make immediately to help alleviate some of my symptoms. I would highly recommend to anyone who is determined to get to the root cause of their symptoms.

Sophie M, London

I had a great virtual consultation with Fanni, the functional medicine nutritionist. She was so knowledgeable and well-informed both about nutrition in general and my own particular situation. She gave me some great tips and ideas and lots of really good recipes, all of which are manageable and fit in with my daily routine perfectly. She gave me some excellent recommendations for tests and a detailed report of some easy changes I can make immediately to see improvements in my health. I would highly recommend Elemental Health Clinic to anyone who is interested in getting to the root cause of their condition not just treating the symptoms.

Bea A, London

Dr Nirusa is so friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. She gave me great advice on diet, lifestyle and health supplements which really helped my energy levels and overall health. Would definitely thoroughly recommend!

Dan M, London

I highly recommend Dr Kumaran at Elemental Health Clinic for her expertise, knowledge and kindness. It is refreshing to see a doctor combine a medical approach with a full functional and lifestyle approach too, something that is currently quite rare. A compassionate person with knowledge and expertise, I highly recommend.



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