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Meet The Team

We at Elemental health clinic are here to serve you. Our team of professionals are compassionate and caring, and hope to help you in the best way possible

functional medicine clinic uk

Dr Nirusa Kumaran

GP, Certified Lifestyle Medicine Doctor, Functional Medicine Doctor, Founder & Medical Director

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functional health clinic uk

Dr Preet Chana

Internal Medicine & Functional Medicine Doctor

nutritional therapy clinic uk

Ruth Jamieson

Functional Medicine Practitioner & Nutritional Therapist

nutritional therapist uk

Steph Weekes

Nutritional Therapist

ibs clinic

Fanni Ropoli

Nutritional Therapist

health coach uk

Maria Indermühle

FM Certified Health Coach, Nutritional Therapist, FM Pracitioner

private doctor london

Dee Mistry

FM Certified Health Coach

hormone imbalance

Margot Akeroyd

FM Certified Health Coach

sleep issues

Julie Köhler

FM Certified Health Coach

chronic fatigue clinic

Amy Aiston

Admin Support

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