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Stress and Sleep Management

Are you struggling with high stress levels?

Are you struggling with the quality of your sleep or a sleep disorder?

Sleeping with Eye Mask

Are you looking for effective solutions and strategies to improve your sleep and stress levels?

Maybe you've tried to get help the conventional way but struggled?

Look no further

At Elemental health clinic we can offer you a fully holistic intervention that will help improve your stress and sleep levels!


Stress and Lack of Sleep are two strong risk factors for the onset of many illness, including cancer, so it is vital to optimise these both.

Sleep disorders can happen as a consequence of many root causes, therefore simply medicating to sleep is not the answer. By identifying why you are struggling with your sleep, we can target sleep disorder treatment strategies for you.

If you have a smart watch or Oura ring, why not track your sleep for 2 weeks and submit the data before your appointment to get an expert review of your sleep stages, and for personalised strategies to improve these.

With the help of our FM Certified Coaches, you can master techniques and habits to improve your stress levels significantly!


The Sleep & Stress Management Packages

Our packages include reviews with our multidisciplinary team to get to the root of your issues and give you holistic, effective strategies to manage both your stress and sleep levels.

​There is the optional add-on of a comprehensive stress test that can assess your salivary cortisol and DHEA markers, to help us gain a better understanding of your stress hormones. If you would like this test included we can arrange for it to be undertaken before your consultation with the Doctor.

Test kits are posted to you so that you can conduct them at home and post them back. Please note the Test RRP is £107 and by booking a package you will be getting a favourable rate for testing.


Include a One Hour Consultation and if seeing a Doctor you will also get a Personalised Health Plan

Health Coach only for 1 hour without testing: £99

Doctor for 1 hour without testing: £225

Doctor & Health Coach without testing (2 hours in total): £324

Doctor for 1 hour with the Comprehensive Stress Test: £346

Doctor, Health Coach & Comprehensive Stress Test: £456

Please note price excludes additional testing and ongoing follow ups



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