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Sports Nutrition

Do you want to optimise your sporting performance levels?

Are you concerned you may not be meeting your nutritional needs to match your training demands?


Sports nutrition requires precision understanding of your personal physiology and energy demands

At Elemental Health Clinic we can offer you a fully personalised assessment and nutrition plan that will ensure you are getting the right nutrition to optimally fuel your energy demands and physical needs.

Without adequate nutrients to support your body's metabolism and energy, you could be actually causing excess harm by means of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress, in excess, can lead to many health problems such as pain, fatigue, autoimmunity, and even in the worst case cancer.

Sport Exercise

With the help of our expert Nutritional Therapists/ Sports Nutritionist, you can master your sporting and exercise abilities by ensuring you are optimally fuelling all the cells in your body to function effectively.


Includes an Initial 1 Hour and Follow up 1 Hour consultation with a Nutritional Therapist and your very own personalised health report/ nutrition recommendations


Please note price includes a personalised health report, but excludes additional testing and ongoing follow ups.


Additional consultations can be booked at the pro-rata rate for the practitioners. 



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