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Our Services

We provide a range of services that can be fully tailored to you

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Elemental Method

Our signature method to change illness to wellness. A four stage method that is fully bespoke & tailored to you. Work with the multidisciplinary team (functional medicine doctor, nutritional therapist and FM certified health coach) for long lasting health benefits

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Elemental Coaching

Helping you to change habits, shift behaviours, address psychological concerns & more with our Functional Medicine Certified Health Coaches

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Testing Packages

Choose one of our testing packages that combines functional testing with a follow up consultation with the practitioner of your choice.

In all cases, test kits can be posted to you

gut health

Address issues such as bloating, irregular bowel habits, IBS and more with our comprehensive gut packages

thyroid issues

The full thyroid panel, comprehensive testing that is not often available

Address your thyroid health beyond just medications 

hormone imbalance

Identify hormonal imbalances, address hormone related health issues and have tailored solutions

chronic fatigue clinic

Identify and treat the root causes for fatigue

Regain your energy & vitality

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Reverse or Prevent Type 2 Diabetes & Heart Disease with our expert advice and support

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Identify the foods you may be reacting to. Devise clear strategy to overcome this Get the clarity you need

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Wellbeing Packages

Enabling you to achieve your dreams with optimal health and vitality and ensure longevity for the future

health clinic

Biohack your health and your life with expert guidance & smart metrics

Ensure ultimate Longevity & Vitality

weight loss

Lose weight methodically by addressing your hormones and metabolism

No FAD Diets or Excessive Exercise Regimes

private doctor uk

A thorough health screen checking the major systems of your body. Your health MOT

holistic approach

Address the lifestyle factors that may be causing or contributing to ill health with our expert guidance & coaching

sleep issue

For effective, personalised strategies to improve these both, and restore your wellbeing

sports nutrition

Optimise your performance by fueling your body with the right nutrients

Enhance your Sporting Abilities


How food impacts your genes and vice versa

Optimise your health by fully understanding your genetics 

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Additional Services 

Tailored packages and appointments to suit your health needs

hormone imbalance

Achieve clearer skin... improve your skin from the inside out

immune check

Identify and treat the root causes of autoimmunity, chronic inflammation and more to gain remission

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Addressing the root causes for the symptoms of Long Covid, assessing you as a whole

functional doctor

with our expert Functional Medicine Doctors, Nutritional Therapists or Health Coaches


Our 8 week Group Care programme for Hypothyroidism, enabling you to get to the root cause

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Prescriptions available for Hypothyroidism - NDT and T3 and SIBO / SIFO anti-microbials if indicated

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Corporate Wellbeing

Are you looking for an expert speaker to give valuable health and wellbeing talks/ workshops/ webinars to your employees?

Dr Nirusa Kumaran can speak about a range of topics to do with Lifestyle Medicine & Functional Medicine.

Empowering your employees/workers with valuable health knowledge will ultimately lead to a healthier and happier workplace




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