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  • Treatment for Underactive Thyroid / Hypothyroidism

    Are you seeking treatment for an underactive thyroid? A tiny gland called the thyroid is located at the base of our necks which is charge of making thyroid hormone, and sometimes it can become compromised. The thyroid gland can become compromised for many reasons, but the most frequent reason is an autoimmune process in which the body produces antibodies against the thyroid gland. The production of thyroid hormones can be impacted by stress, food intolerances, nutrient shortages, poor gut health as well as environmental pollutants. There can be many symptoms to suggest you have a thyroid problem such as hair loss, feeling tired all the time, low libido, low mood, brain god, heavy periods, brittle nails and muscle pain to name but a few. Unfortunately, the tests that the UK health system currently run for an underactive thyroid are not thorough, meaning many people are misdiagnosed or simply told they have nothing wrong with them. At Elemental Health Clinic, we can offer the full thyroid panel for a thorough thyroid check. Our Thyroid Checks include thorough testing and holistic approaches to enhance the health of your thyroid gland, which may prevent you from needing medication or allow you to take less of it. To learn more about how we can help you with low thyroid, see our website or reach out to the team today.

  • Food Intolerance And Allergy Advice

    Speak to our clinic when you need food intolerance and allergy advice Suffering from allergies or a food intolerance can often leave you feeling like an outsider, and it can make something as simple as going out for a meal incredibly difficult. Whilst you may do what you can to manage your symptoms and avoid the ingredients that may be causing you pain and discomfort, sometimes it can be hard to know what is causing the problem. If you want to get to the bottom of what your body is reacting to, we are here to help At Elemental Health Clinic you can find the answers with our bespoke food intolerance/allergy package based on the foods you think you may be reacting to. We are able to test for a wide variety of foods, so don’t worry if you’re not certain on what the problem may be. Once we have the test results, we’ll give you the facts and come up with a safe plan to eliminate and work towards reintroducing the foods. With our food intolerance program, you will get: Initial 30 minute consultation with the Nutritional Therapist Bespoke Testing arranged Follow up Consultations as and when required with the Nutritional Therapist To book your test, get in touch via our website.

  • Fibromyalgia Treatment

    Are you seeking help with Fibromyalgia treatment? Quite often being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia can leave you feeling unsure of your future. Whilst you may feel happy that you finally have the diagnosis, the reality is that many treatments are hard to come by and you may have been met with lots of judgement. In the past you may have been told “it’s all in your head’ or that you need to go on certain tablets in order to curb the symptoms. However, more often than not, this isn’t the answer and only leads to you feeling worse. If you want to find an alternative way to treat your Fibromyalgia, we are here to help. At Elemental Health Clinic our goal is to bring a holistic, collaborative approach to chronic fatigue treatment such as Fibromyalgia We use a functional medicine approach to chronic fatigue / fibromyalgia- therefore identifying and treating the root causes for why this may have occurred in the first place. We can begin with a fatigue screen in which we test for an array of nutritional markers and organic acids. Our comprehensive functional and nutritional tests allow us to find the root cause of where you’re feeling and experiencing dysfunction in the body. To book your fatigue screen with us, see the options on our website and follow the steps today. If you’d like to speak to our team about your health concerns, you can request a 10-minute consultation.

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  • Elemental Health Clinic | Functional Doctor | Functioning Medicine

    PRECISION HEALTHCARE WHEREVER YOU ARE We Don't Just Treat Symptoms We Address The ROOT ISSUES IN THE PRESS OUR SERVICES Elemental Method Read More Our signature method to shift illness to wellness Read our Success Stories WHAT CLIENTS SAY I sought out Elemental Health after a disappointing experience with my GP. My GP wasn’t listening to me or addressing my symptoms of the Hypothyroidism diagnosis that they had given me. My GP wasn’t willing to discuss alternative methods of healing, never discussed my diet and lifestyle and even told me untruths about what the NHS would prescribe and telling me that I shouldn’t believe everything I read on the internet. The fact was that I was miserable, every day for over nine months and I felt desperate. I was considering reducing my hours at work and even considered leaving my job all together as I just couldn’t keep up with the work day any longer. Working with the Elemental Health Team has been such a refreshing experience. Dr Nirusa immediately diagnosed me with the Auto Immune disease Hashimotos which was the cause of the Hypothyroidism. From the beginning I have been listened to, I have been able to discuss my health in depth with doctor Nirusa and Ruth the Nutritionist. I have never had a chronic illness so I had lots of questions and concerns. It really feels like a team effort to tackle my health from every angle – I am very much part of that team. I have seen positive results from a complete overhaul of my diet and lifestyle under the close advice and guidance of Dr Nirusa and Ruth. The extreme fatigue I was experiencing has improved by nearly 100%, my psoriasis that caused my skin to crack and bleed on my scalp and face has healed, my leg aches have significantly improved and the eye pain that was causing me constant pain and swelling on a daily basis has gone. I am over the moon. My quality of life is getting better day by day. Day to day life no longer feels like a struggle and I’m no longer miserable. I have complete confidence in the Elemental Health Team and will be forever grateful for how they have helped me. Maddie D, Berkshire Not sure what to book or whether Elemental Health Clinic is Suitable for you? Book a 10 minute call ​ so you can find out how we can transform your health ​ Book Now With our help, you can get back to doing the things you love. ARE YOU STRUGGLING WITH A CHRONIC HEALTH CONDITION OR OPTIMISING YOUR HEALTH FOR FUTURE LONGEVITY WE CAN HELP WE TREAT GUT HEALTH Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Functional Constipation Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) Intestinal Methanogen Overgrowth (IMO) Small Intestinal Fungal Overgrowth (SIFO) Dysbiosis (imbalanced Microbiome) Gastritis/ Acid Reflux Food Intolerances Symptoms such as bloating, constipation, chronic diarrhoea Next If yes then book a call Do you want to be in your element and function as your best self ? Do you want to feel revitalised and full of energy ? Empower Equip our Clients with the knowledge and confidence to improve their health and wellbeing OUR VALUES Harmony Work collaboratively with our Clients to achieve the best health outcomes for them Compassion Listen to our clients intently, without judgement, and support them on their journey to optimal health Safe, Effective, Caring, Well Led & Responsive ​ One of few Lifestyle & Functional Medicine Clinics in the UK to be fully regulated by the CQC, so you can trust in knowing your health is in safe hands ONE Hour Appointments You get ONE HOUR with a GMC registered Doctor &/or Qualified Nutritional Therapist &/or FMCA Certified Health Coach so we can address ALL your concerns and drivers for your current symptoms You Are Unique There is no one exactly like YOU Your genetics, environment, triggers and driving factors are specific to YOU. The conventional one size fits all approach for nutrition/diets, exercise & treatment regimes is just too simplistic to truly restore and optimise your health Personalised Care ​ We at Elemental Health Clinic firmly believe healthcare and wellness should be Tailored and Personalised to YOU. Our approach is fully Patient Centred, treating YOU and not just one problem Get to know YOU ​ A deep dive into your health from birth to today, to identify and address the root causes for your signs & symptoms enabling you to restore your health, energy, vibrancy and clarity Collaborative Care ​ No matter your: health status, diet preference, fitness level, family history, daily habits, blood results- we will work with you to achieve a transition from ill ness to well ness & shift dis ease to ease. Assess the WHOLE Person ​ We know that every system in the body is intricately connected and that multiple symptoms should not be treated in isolation. Rather than pigeon holing you into a box, we advocate WHOLE BODY wellness INTERESTED TO LEARN MORE? 360 Degree Support Our Expert team comprises of GMC registered Medical Doctors, Qualified Nutritional Therapists, FMCA Certified Health Coaches, and Client Support Staff so you can experience all rounded care Meet Our Mutlidisciplinary Care Team Why Functional Medicine? Functional Medicine enables us to go back to the root causes of WHY you are unwell, we don't focus only on treating the top of the Tree (refer to left diagram) Find out more about Functonal Medicine YES? Why Lifestyle Medicine? Lifestyle Medicine focuses upon addressing the lifestyle factors that are fueling your health challenges Find out more about Lifestyle Medicine Why Nutritional Therapy? What we eat, how we eat, when we eat - can cause disease or reverse disease. Ultimately we are what we eat. Food is medicine. Nutritional Therapy has the power to treat disease in a natural way. Find out more about Nutritional Therapy Get in touch and start your Elemental Health journey to Health and Wellness The human body is awe inspiringly complex and the environment within which we as humans function is remarkably complex. The reasons as to why someone is unwell is rarely ever so simple. Dr Nirusa Kumaran, Founder & Medical Director of Elemental Health Clinic

  • Conditions We Treat | Hormone Health | Gut Health Check

    Conditions We Treat Elemental Health Clinic uses a holistic, evidence-based, systems biology approach to treat a magnitude of chronic problems covering ​ Gut Health Bioenergetics Cardiometabolic Health Immune Health Hormonal Health ​ ​ All our appointments are conducted virtually from the comfort of your own home. ​ We are able to treat male and females aged 13 and above both in the UK and Internationally ​ Please note all bookings to be made by adults only ​ ​ ​ Our areas of interest: GUT HEALTH Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Functional Constipation Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) Intestinal Methanogen Overgrowth (IMO) Small Intestinal Fungal Overgrowth (SIFO) Dysbiosis (imbalanced Microbiome) Gastritis/ Acid Reflux Food Intolerances Symptoms such as bloating, constipation, chronic diarrhoea Next BIOENERGETICS YES? Low energy levels Tiredness/Fatigue Stress/ Overwhelm Burnout Insomnia Brain fog Recurrent headaches Chronic fatigue syndrome Fibromyalgia Long Covid Chronic pain Mood Disorders eg Low Mood and Anxiety Hormonal Problems eg Thyroid Disorders Next CARDIOMETABOLIC HEALTH Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Metabolic Syndrome Insulin Resistance Hypertension Cardiovascular disease Obesity Hormonal Problems eg PCOS Next IMMUNE HEALTH YES? Autoimmune conditions ​ Rheumatoid Arthritis Hashimoto's Thyroiditis MS Long Covid Skin conditions eg Eczema, Psoriasis Next HORMONAL HEALTH Women's Health Period Pain (Dysmenorrhoea)​ Heavy Period (Menorrhagia) Endometriosis PCOS PMS Menopause Men's Health Low Testosterone Enlarged Prostate (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy) Next ​ Conditions we do not treat: We are not an Acute Medical Service therefore cannot treat acute medical problems such as an acute infection, sudden onset pain, chest pain, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, acute headaches, focal neurological symptoms etc. At present we do not treat Active Cancer If you have red flag symptoms - please see your regular healthcare provider or GP as this may warrant an urgent referral to the hospital ​ ​ Please note we are not a replacement to your routine medical provider or general practice services. READY TO TRANSFORM YOUR HEALTH? CONTACT US TO BOOK NOW 0800 470 0965 Find us on Social Media

  • Services | Elemental Coaching | Functional Medicine Approach

    Our Services We provide a range of services that can be fully tailored to you Elemental Method Elemental Coching Testing Packages Wellbeing Packages Additonal Services Corporate Wellbeing Elemental Method Our signature method to change illness to wellness. A four stage method that is fully bespoke & tailored to you. Work with the multidisciplinary team (functional medicine doctor, nutritional therapist and FM certified health coach) for long lasting health benefits Learn More Elemental Method Elemental Coaching Helping you to change habits, shift behaviours, address psychological concerns & more with our Functional Medicine Certified Health Coaches Learn More Testing Packages Choose one of our testing packages that combines functional testing with a follow up consultation with the practitioner of your choice. ​ In all cases, test kits can be posted to you Gut Check Address issues such as bloating, irregular bowel habits, IBS and more with our comprehensive gut packages Thyroid Check The full thyroid panel, comprehensive testing that is not often available Address your thyroid health beyond just medications Hormone Check Identify hormonal imbalances, address hormone related health issues and have tailored solutions Fatigue Screen Identify and treat the root causes for fatigue Regain your energy & vitality Diabetes +- Heart Check Reverse or Prevent Type 2 Diabetes & Heart Disease with our expert advice and support Food Intolerances & Allergies Identify the foods you may be reacting to. Devise clear strategy to overcome this Get the clarity you need Elemental Coching Testing Packages Wellbeing Packages Enabling you to achieve your dreams with optimal health and vitality and ensure longevity for the future Health Optimisation Biohack your health and your life with expert guidance & smart metrics Ensure ultimate Longevity & Vitality Weight Loss Lose weight methodically by addressing your hormones and metabolism No FAD Diets or Excessive Exercise Regimes Wellness Screen A thorough health screen checking the major systems of your body. Your health MOT ​ Lifestyle Intervention Address the lifestyle factors that may be causing or contributing to ill health with our expert guidance & coaching Stress & Sleep Management For effective, personalised strategies to improve these both, and restore your wellbeing Sports Nutrition Optimise your performance by fueling your body with the right nutrients Enhance your Sporting Abilities Nutrigenomics How food impacts your genes and vice versa Optimise your health by fully understanding your genetics Additional Services Tailored packages and appointments to suit your health needs Skin Health Achieve clearer skin... improve your skin from the inside out ​ Immune Check Identify and treat the root causes of autoimmunity, chronic inflammation and more to gain remission Long Covid Addressing the root causes for the symptoms of Long Covid, assessing you as a whole 1 hour consultations with our expert Functional Medicine Doctors, Nutritional Therapists or Health Coaches Group Care Our 8 week Group Care programme for Hypothyroidism, enabling you to get to the root cause Prescriptions Prescriptions available for Hypothyroidism - NDT and T3 and SIBO / SIFO anti-microbials if indicated Wellbeing Packages Additonal Services Corporate Wellbeing Are you looking for an expert speaker to give valuable health and wellbeing talks/ workshops/ webinars to your employees? ​ Dr Nirusa Kumaran can speak about a range of topics to do with Lifestyle Medicine & Functional Medicine. ​ Empowering your employees/workers with valuable health knowledge will ultimately lead to a healthier and happier workplace Learn More Corporate Wellbeing READY TO TRANSFORM YOUR HEALTH? CONTACT US TO BOOK NOW 0800 470 0965 Find us on Social Media

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