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Updated: Mar 22

Hi everyone,

My name is Dr Nirusa Kumaran, Medical Director and Founder of Elemental Health Clinic.

We, at Elemental Health Clinic, are here to truly make a difference to your life by providing holistic, patient centred care, that focusses on addressing all the systems of your body and life in general.

We understand and appreciate that in order for health and wellness to be optimised, there are many factors involved. Sadly, it is not as simple as presenting a cure or a pill to a single problem.

For me, despite being a doctor for over 10 years, I felt I couldn't truly make a difference to my patient's lives due to the lack of time and resources.

I first studied Lifestyle medicine, as I knew the 6 lifestyle pillars - Nutrition, Movement, Stress management, reduction in harmful substances, community and Sleep can have profound impacts on the prevention and progression of chronic illness. Being from a South Asian background, where there are strong genetic predispositions to conditions such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood pressure, I was further driven towards lifestyle medicine, as it was clear that no matter what your genetics dictate, you can modify your risks of these behaviours.

It was then the health challenges I faced with my second daughter that led me to pursue functional medicine. At the tender age of 5 weeks, she had severe eczema and we had to take her to the emergency department. She required topical steroids on larges areas of her body for weeks on end, and it was when we explored the root causes, we found her eczema was being driven by food allergies. In hindsight, it is very interesting she developed Eczema and Allergies given there isn't a strong family history or genetic predisposition towards this, yet I can now appreciate it was likely due to the stressful circumstances I faced when I was pregnant with her, and possibly due to the composition of my microbiome. Research has shown probiotics and omega 3 in pregnancy can have a major influence on the development of allergies in a newborn baby.

By pursuing and educating myself in Functional Medicine, I was able to support her health holistically, and now we have reduced the number of her allergies, and she hasn't required steroid creams in months!

Here is the link to an article written by Imperial University about probiotics in pregnancy:


I'll speak about my personal health story a bit more in the next blog.

If you're interested in working with Dr Kumaran and her team, please check out the Elemental Method here at www.elementalhealthclinic.com/the-elemental-method-pricing

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