Improve your gut health… it will transform your life

Did you know poor gut health can be a ‘silent’ root cause for many chronic health problems and illnesses? Signs such as bloating, infrequent or too frequent bowel motions, excess wind, acid reflux are all signs your gut may not be functioning correctly.

It was said by Hippocrates over 2500 years ago that all diseases begin in the gut. There is still a great deal of truth to this.

Research now shows that an imbalanced gut microbiome ‘Dysbiosis’ or a leaky gut also known as increased intestinal permeability can be the precursor for many health problems such as anxiety/depression, fatigue, autoimmune problems, skin diseases such as eczema/psoriasis/acne, insulin/metabolic problems, hormonal problems and more. Your gut is connected to every system in the body, especially our brain, so failing the connection of gut health to mental health could result in needless medications and unnecessary struggle.

Whilst modern day advances have done miracles for our health and wellbeing, it has also had detrimental impacts on our microbiome. Frequent/recurrent antibiotic use, ultra-processed foods, refined sugars, toxins and more have all been shown to disrupt our gut microbiome, leading to the rise of more bad bugs than good.

Don’t despair, steps can be taken to improve our gut health such as regularly eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, having pre and probiotic foods, spending time in nature, eating mindfully and more.

Just a year ago I had multiple digestive concerns. I analysed my microbiome and discovered that my dysbiosis score was 9/10 (very concerning!). I was also struggling with fatigue and an autoimmune condition. One year later, my dysbiosis score is 0/10, after adopting a methodical approach to address my gut.

For a downloadable free full gut health guide including detailed infographics on what foods to incorporate and solutions/tips then please download it here

If you would like to work with the Elemental Health Clinic team to get to the root causes of why you may be struggling with your health, then please do review our website to understand our broad range of services. We offer a comprehensive gut health check so you can understand your microbes/ hidden fungal or parasite infections/ dysbiosis status and more.

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