Immune Health

Get peace of mind and gain control with our immune check

More often than not, those suffering from autoimmune conditions have to fight to be heard. With so many being told by doctors that there’s nothing wrong or little they can do to help themselves, the reality is that your pain is real and you do have other choices available.

At Elemental Health Clinic we can address your autoimmune condition using a holistic approach

We’ll get to the root cause of your autoimmune condition/ immune mediated problem. By offering you a fully holistic intervention, we aim to improve your immunity so that you can fight chronic inflammation and address the causes. Our goal is to help you navigate the conflicting dietary advice you may have previously been given, and we’ll tailor solutions especially for you.

For £495, your appointment will last 2 hours and it includes one hour with our doctor and one hour with the Nutritional Therapist, as well as your very own personalised health and nutrition plan.

If you’re not sure where to begin, book a ten-minute call and we’ll have a chat about your symptoms and what options are best for you.

Whatever condition you have, we are here to help.

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