IBS Functional Medicine

Updated: Jul 8

Want to find out more about IBS & the Functional Medicine approach?

Being diagnosed with IBS can be both reassuring and worrying. Whilst you may feel reassured that you now have clarity on what was causing you problems, you may now be worried about what to do next. Whilst you may have been told to avoid certain foods and take medication, there is in fact much more you can do.

At Elemental Health Clinic we can offer a comprehensive gut health check

By using an advanced stool test, we can get a better insight into your digestive function and the overall health of your gut microbiome. Rather than you having to cut out certain foods, we believe in looking at ways to get your gut to function so you can tolerate foods rather than cutting them out for good.

With our testing, we can provide you with a much more bespoke treatment plan that prevents you from having to worry about your IBS stopping you from living life to its fullest.

For a full gut health check that includes a complete stool microbiome analysis, you can book today via our website.

You can also book an appointment by following the steps on our website.

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