Hormone Health

Updated: Jul 21

Tap into your hormonal health with our help

Our hormones can be responsible for a whole host of health issues and conditions, but more often than not we can overlook this possibility. There are lots of clues that our body gives us that it may be struggling to balance hormones such as:

  • Maybe you’re struggling with heavy or painful periods

  • You’ve found that your periods are irregular

  • You have pelvic pain that is likely hormonal in nature

  • For men, you may have noticed you have a low libido, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, breast tenderness, loss of muscle mass and mood disturbances

  • Perhaps you’re struggling with symptoms of hormonal imbalance such as facial hair growth, hair loss from the front of your scalp, thin or brittle hair, excess body hair growth, low libido, acne, breast tenderness, mood disturbances (in women)

At Elemental Health Clinic our checks are a combination of our expert interpretation and a review of your symptoms. With our multiple testing, we can check for hormonal imbalances and then help you to find the right treatment so you can move forward.

To book a free ten minute consultation, get in touch with our team where we can discuss your health condition and symptoms and give you a way to move forward.

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