Chronic Fatigue Functional Medicine

Find out more about chronic fatigue functional medicine

Suffering from chronic fatigue can bring a whole host of battles to every day life. Not only does it interfere with your work/life balance, but it can bring conflict in relationships with many people not truly understanding how hard it can be.

It can equally be hard to get a correct diagnosis from a GP, and you may have found that all your tests are coming back with nothing to show. If you are suffering from fatigue, burnout, chronic fatigue, tiredness, stress or fibromyalgia, then there is another option to explore.

At Elemental Health Clinic we are passionate about offering you support when you need it most. We appreciate just how overwhelming and exhausting chronic fatigue can be, and we understand that not having a diagnosis can make you feel invalid.

We offer The Fatigue Screen that tests organic acids and nutritional markers that allow us to learn more about the causes of fatigue. We are also able to assess the function of the mitochondria (the energy centres), of the cells as you need optimal mitochondrial function for optimal energy production.

Our test kits are posted to you for you to perform at home, and we offer several options which you can learn more about on our website.

For this, or any other illness that is causing you concern, you can book a ten minute appointment today.

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