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Elemental Health Clinic was founded in 2022 by Dr Nirusa Kumaran, a GP, Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician and Functional Medicine Specialist.
Having confronted a spectrum of personal health issues herself along with her passion for integrative and holistic health, Elemental Health Clinic was created to offer patients a complete health and wellness transformation service leveraging the knowledge, skills and tools in lifestyle and functional medicine, nutritional therapy, health coaching. 

Read her story below...

My passion and interest in Medicine can be traced back to my early childhood. Shortly after I was born, my father became very ill requiring life saving surgery as a result of an entirely preventable, lifestyle-related cause. Throughout my teenage years, because of what happened to my father, and my own interests,  I became committed to pursuing a career in the medical field. 

I studied Medicine at the University of Nottingham, and after I completed my foundation training, I chose GP as my speciality of choice. For me, General Practice meant I could make a difference to people and give them the best care possible. 


Chronic diseases such as Diabetes and Hypertension are usually deemed inevitable rather than preventable. This is not true. In order to address and prevent cases similar to my father's, I was motivated and passionate about developing a deeper understanding of lifestyle medicine and learning methods to tackle lifestyle associated diseases. I made a commitment to pursuing Lifestyle medicine and completed my qualification to become a Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician. 

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But for me, the turning point came when my daughter was diagnosed with severe eczema when she was just 5 weeks old, and subsequently went on to be diagnosed with 13 allergies! After requiring steroid creams for weeks on end, I knew there was a better way to help her. Passionate to help her heal from the inside out and get to the root cause of her allergies and eczema, I pursued training in Functional Medicine provided by the Institute of Functional Medicine. I'm pleased to say she's much better now, we haven't required steroid cream for months and her allergies have dropped from 13 to 6.

Lifestyle and Functional Medicine has also been transformational for my very own health along with the health and wellness of my entire family. Not only have I been able to use the tools of these modalities, combined with coaching, to recover from burnout/fatigue and improve my digestive issues, but I have also been able to demonstrate the positive effects of these modalities in my current private GP role. 

It was during my Functional Medicine training that I started to feel frustrated with the system we have of 10 minute GP appointments. Although they are short through necessity, it means, as a GP, I can't speak to my patients in-depth to fully understand their lifestyle and stresses to give them thorough care and treatment.

This led me to starting Elemental Health Clinic, where I can help people struggling with issues such as fatigue, burn out and an array of other health issues, so they can get back to being their best self. As it's virtual we are able to treat people from all across the UK.

My team and I look forward to working with you so that you can return to your energetic, vibrant self.

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