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Expert Guidance to understand your DNA/genes and what nutrients you need to optimise your health

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Professional Genotype Analysis

utilising latest genomic science to

prevent health problems and

deliver a personalised approach to health

At Elemental Health Clinic, we are able to offer Lifecode Gx Nutrigenomic testing and interpretation.

We are able to offer a range of nutrigenomics DNA Test Panels which can inform how health risks may be mitigated and prevented using personalised diet and nutritional changes.

Each test report is presented in colour coded diagrams with pathways to easily digest the information presented and understand where and how there may be genetic changes/risks.

Testing panels include

1. Nutrient Core

2. Hormones

3. Methylation

4. Histamine Intolerance

5. Oestrogen Balance Report

6. Detoxification Report

7. Nervous System Report

8. APOE Report

9. Thyroid Balance Report

10. Athlete Report

View a Sample report here 

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Single DNA test Cost - £186.75

5 x DNA tests - £548.75

Complete Screen (all 10 DNA tests) - £1111.50 

+ 30 minute Review with Dr Kumaran - £150

+ 60 minute Review with Dr Kumaran- £299

All tests must be combined with either a 30 or 60 minute review with Doctor Kumaran.

If there are 3 or more DNA tests, a 60 minute review with the Doctor is required.

DNA test kits are posted to your home address, on completion this can be posted back directly to the lab.



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