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Do you want to know whether your hormones are in balance?

Are you keen to address and treat hormonal imbalances with holistic measures?

Look no further, we can help treat period problems, endometriosis, PCOS, menopause, low testosterone, prostate enlargement, and problems with stress hormones.

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Our hormone check packages, that include hormonal imbalance testing, are perfect for you if you:

  1. are struggling with heavy or painful periods

  2. your periods are irregular

  3. you have pelvic pain that is likely hormonal in nature

  4. you are struggling with symptoms of hormonal imbalance such as facial hair growth, hair loss from the front of your scalp, thin or brittle hair, excess body hair growth, low libido, acne, breast tenderness, mood disturbances (in women)

  5. you have low libido, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, breast tenderness, loss of muscle mass and mood disturbances (in men)

Current times lead us to believe period pain/ heavy periods are normal as 80% of women struggle with this on a monthly basis, when in fact that is far from the truth. Needing monthly painkillers or needing to take hormonal tablets to improve period pain or flow is not normal. Using holistic and functional medicine approaches, it is possible to regulate periods, reduce pain and heaviness of bleeds.

1 in 10 women suffer with Endometriosis! Again, modern medicine leads us to believe this can only be managed definitely with surgery, and there is no cure. The functional medicine approach has successfully treated endometriosis, using holistic measures addressing hormonal balance, inflammation and the immune system.

PCOS is truly a multisystem problem and is often difficult to treat. Hormonal imbalance testing is important for PCOS as often multiple hormones are affected. Yet it is also important to look beyond hormones and think about insulin resistance and metabolism. We can offer the holistic approach that can help put PCOS into remission.

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The Hormone Check

Our Checks combine testing for hormonal conditions and expert interpretation and review of your symptoms. We use multiple forms of testing to check for hormonal imbalances. Either via a blood test that can be conducted at home or a clinic* near you, or DUTCH Plus testing, precision urine and saliva testing, to assess sex and stress hormones, that can be conducted from your own home.

Dutch test kits are posted to you, so you can undertake the test at home and post it back. Please note- Dutch Plus Test RRP £269 and Blood Testing RRP is £118, by booking this package you are getting a favourable rate on testing.

See below for more information on the packages

*Phlebotomy clinic cost excluded from the test price, price can vary between £30 - £50 dependent on location. We can provide assistance to locate a phlebotomy clinic near you

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Complete Hormone Check

A full hormone check with blood tests and DUTCH Plus Testing to identify and treat any hormonal problems you may be having with a one hour follow up consultation with either the Doctor or Nutritional Therapist (NT) to discuss the results and your management plan

With our NT: £548

With our Doctor: £648

hormone imbalance

Hormone Check with Blood Tests

Blood testing for a complete hormone analysis with a one hour follow up consultation with either the Doctor or Nutritional Therapist (NT) to discuss the results and your management plan

With our NT: £306

With our Dr: £406

hormone clinic

Hormone Check with Dutch Testing

Precise saliva and urine testing of your hormones using DUTCH Plus testing with a one hour follow up consultation with either the Doctor or Nutritional Therapist (NT) to discuss the results and your management plan

With our NT: £442

With our Doctor: £542



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