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Health Optimisation

Do you want to biohack your health so that you can live a healthy life, full of vitality and energy?


Do you want to live a long and prosperous life, without having to be concerned that your body will not meet its demands?


Biohacking is an art, the art of hacking your health and wellness, to achieve ultimate health and wellness.

By coming to a clinic with Functional Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine trained Doctors, Nutritional Therapists and FM Certified Health Coaches, you will have expert guidance and support to truly biohack your health.

We have teamed up with heads up health to deliver a state of the art electronic patient software that enables to you track your health data to enhance your health optimisation.

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At Elemental health clinic we can offer you a Health Optimisation Program




Epigenetics/ Nutrigenomics

Health Metrics


Accomplishing Goals

All Our Programs are 1:1 with the Health Practitioner,

so will be fully personalised to your needs/ likes/ dislikes/ wishes

By combining the powers of specialist medicine, nutritional therapy and health coaching-

you will see the results you are longing for

We can use the following devices/apps to track your health optimally:

Oura Ring


Apple Watch/Health

Garmin Devices

Omron Devices

Free Style Libre Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring



My Fitness Pal



Smart Watch
Healthy Diet

Our Plans & Prices

Each Plan comes with access to our online portal to keep track of all your health metrics in one place, personalised health plans, nutrition plans and email support in between consultations

Rolling Monthly Program

1 hour Consultation with Doctor

1 hour consultation with Nutritional Therapist 

3 x 30 minute appointments with the health coach 

Price £650

Minimum commitment - 2 months

3 Month Program Price £1900

6 Month Program Price £3700

Each Program will include written health and nutrition plans, access to our online portal to allow you to insert your health metrics, expert monitoring of your health metrics, and email support from the practitioners.


Additional consultations can be booked at the pro-rata rate for the practitioners. Please note price excludes cost of devices or testing required. Individual purchase of tracking devices required.



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