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About our Group Care Consultations for Hypothyroidism

We, at Elemental Health Clinic, are on a mission to bring Functional Medicine to the masses in the UK and abroad.

As such, we would like to offer you this exclusive opportunity to work with us.


We appreciate cost can be prohibitive for accessing functional medicine and nutritional therapy, so we would like to offer you the opportunity to work with us via Group Consultations.

Elemental Health Clinic is unique as it offers a multidisciplinary team approach that addresses all aspects of your health and wellbeing, including nutrition, and the mind-body connection.

You will have the opportunity to see a Medical Doctor, Nutritional Therapist and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach over 8 weeks of Group Consultations. 

It is this triple pronged approach to your health and wellbeing that will truly be the game changer to improve hypothyroidism.

You will get 8 Hours of Practitioner time for just £25 per session.

This offer is half the usual offering price, so a total of £200 for 8 weeks.

The holistic approach to hypothyroidism has the possibility of putting your symptoms into remission, and restoring your energy and wellbeing.

The aim of the group care program is to help you identify what the root causes of your hypothyroidism are and give you advice and tools to help improve your symptoms and reduce progression.

This group programme is not yet live, but please email us to register your interest.

Hands Up

How do the sessions work?

During this 8 week program, you will have 1 hour sessions with each practitioner.

The structure of the group will be as follows:

1) Week 1 - Group Consultation with the Doctor - this is your opportunity to get medical advice, explore and address the medical root causes for why you have hypothyroidism

2) Week 2 - Group Consultation with the Nutritional Therapist - this is your opportunity to get nutritional advice, discuss specific diets to help improve the symptoms & inflammatory processes of hypothyroidism

3) Weeks 3 to 7 - a 5 week Group Health Coaching Program

Health coaching is the tool that is going to carry you from illness to wellness. Whilst the doctor and NT can give you the advice & recommendations you need to change / improve your health, it is the Health Coach that will guide you through the process of true transformation. 

As such during this 5 week Group coaching - each week there will be a group coaching session for 20 mins, followed by 1:1 coaching for 2 of the group members for each 5 sessions

The areas that will be covered will include

1) Guidance with making nutritional / dietary changes

2) Improving energy and reducing fatigue

3) Developing goals, purpose and meaning

4) Developing habits that stick

5) Positive Psychology

4) Week 8 - Final Conclusion session with our Nutritional Therapist and Doctor - your opportunity to reassess your progress over the past 7 weeks, and follow up any ongoing nutritional or medical concerns.

What to expect:

Each session will be conducted on Zoom

The sessions will be fully confidential, all members of the group will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement before joining the group

There will be a maximum number of 10 per group

If you cannot attend a coaching session then it can be recorded for you, and shared as a password protected file

Each member of the group will have recommendations emailed to them in terms of advice sheets, recipes, meal plans etc.

During the 8 weeks you will have access to email support from all three practitioners.

After the 8 weeks, should you need ongoing support, you can continue onto another group course or alternatively go directly into a follow up appointment with the practitioner of your choice. 

Group consultations are evidence based, the group care model has shown to be very effective for addressing chronic health conditions. Often there will be many common concerns amongst group members, enabling you to form a support network with others who are also in your group.

Please email us if you have any queries or if you would like to book.

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