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What is
Lifestyle & Functional Medicine?

Lifestyle Medicine (LM) and Functional Medicine (FM) are relatively modern branches of Medicine focusing on root causes for illness and restoring wellness using lifestyle and systems based approaches.


Enhance your care by integrating these two modes of practice with Nutritional Therapy, Health coaching for your complete health transformation. 


Lifestyle Medicine

LM uses evidence-based practices to address six key pillars of life that, when insufficient or in imbalance can cause or contribute to chronic illness- Nutrition, Stress Reduction, Physical Activity, Sleep, Reduction of Harmful substances, and Community & Relationships

Functional Medicine

FM uses a holistic, science and evidence backed systems based approach to identify and address the root causes of all chronic illnesses


FM covers every system in the body including mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing

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Functional Medicine

FM acknowledges that every system in our body is interconnected therefore imbalance in one area is likely to cause imbalances elsewhere. It treats the person as a whole and also acknowledges true health and wellbeing can only arise by influencing communities too. The functional medicine tree schematic is an excellent depiction of how the root causes can subsequently grow into symptoms and signs based on various genetic predispositions, beliefs, antecedents, triggers and mediators. 


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Functional Medicine incorporates
Lifestyle Medicine, there cannot be Functional Medicine without Lifestyle Medicine

FM is LM plus more. There is no FM without LM. FM isn’t an alternative form of medicine, it has a strong scientific and evidence base. It is best described as integrative. 

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There is absolutely no replacement to conventional medicine and at Elemental Health Clinic we advocate for pharmaceuticals when indicated. It is important you have a regular medical practitioner with whom we will liaise with if consented.  


Sadly the current General Practice model - the best place to deliver functional medicine - only allows for 10 minute appointments, 15 minutes if lucky. Having such a short time frame doesn’t allow a doctor to attain a sufficiently comprehensive understanding of the patient and therefore there is a high probability of missing the the bigger picture and the systems connection between symptoms, resulting in both a dissatisfied patient and clinician. 


Additionally, the conventional model doesn’t always have the most effective solutions to address common medical problems such as IBS, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, to name a few. 

FM gives doctors a broader perspective to tackle the plethora of chronic medical conditions encountered by patients.


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"The human body is awe inspiringly complex and the environment within which we as humans function is remarkably complex... reasons to why someone is unwell is rarely ever so simple..."

- Dr Nirusa Kumaran



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