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Corporate Wellbeing

Would you like to empower your employees with expert functional and lifestyle medical advice which is holistic in nature, has the ability to improve your employee's overall health and wellbeing and therefore ultimately have a positive impact for your workplace?

Talks / Workshops / Webinars by Dr Nirusa Kumaran

Dr Nirusa Kumaran, as described on her bio, is a GP with expertise in wide array of topics relating to Lifestyle and Functional Medicine. 

She can offer talks, webinars, workshops and more on topics relating health and wellbeing.

Examples of topics she can talk about include:

Gut health


Thyroid conditions

Women's health

Cardiometabolic health

Nutritional principles

Stress management

Health optimisation such as sleep, exercise, fasting, cold water therapy 


and more

Her approach to health is very holistic, with ultimate vitality and longevity at heart.

It is unfortunate that work related medical issues are on the rise - stress, burnout, mood disorders, insomnia, adrenal dysfunction,high blood pressure, heart attacks are more. Utilising the tools of lifestyle and functional medicine, you can empower your employees to lead a healthier life, which will ultimately be of benefit for your workplace

Would you like to empower your workplace?





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