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A Free 5 Day Challenge to help you get Better Sleep

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Challenge Day 5

The optimal conditions...

To conclude our 5 day challenge, we will be setting an easy task for you today.

we need to ensure our environment caters for sleep.

To help our body produce melatonin (the sleep hormone), we need to ensure our environment caters for our sleep.

Doing really simple things to create an optimal sleeping environment can have a profound impact on your sleep quality and duration.

So for today's task, we ask you to:

1) Keep your room totally dark. You can invest in blackout blinds or an eye mask to help you with this

2) Block out all noise - Dr Kumaran swears by ear plugs every night!

3) Don't turn on your LED light in your room before bed, use a candle if necessary.

We're going live a little earlier today so come join us live at 12.30pm GMT on Instagram - @dr_nirusa.kumaran where we will explain today's task in more detail, discuss the science and evidence for this and also give you the opportunity to ask us questions! 



CONGRATULATIONS for completing the 5 day challenge.

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