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A Free 5 Day Challenge to help you get Better Sleep

Woman Sleeping

Challenge Day 1

Do this one hour before bed....

If you are struggling with your sleep, then these two things one hour before bedtime will be a game changer. What you do before bedtime is extremely important to ensure optimal production of the sleep neurotransmitter melatonin.

So for today's challenge we ask you to:

1) Stop looking at all Electronic Devices eg your phone and the TV

2) Try an Epsom Salt Bath or Read a relaxing book instead

Blue light is a a major disruptor for sleep and removing electronic devices is extremely important. 

We'll be going into more detail about melatonin, blue light and the science behind our task live at 8.30pm GMT on Instagram - @dr_nirusa.kumaran


Do come and join us as you can also ask us questions too. Click on the link below to find us on Instagram. 

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