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Cardiometabolic Health

  • Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

  • Metabolic Syndrome

  • Insulin Resistance

  • Hypertension

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Obesity

  • Hormonal Problems eg PCOS

Did you know many Cardiometabolic conditions can be reversed?

Did you think it was inevitable that you would get a Cardiometabolic condition based on your family history? Well let us reassure you, your family history does not dictate your medical history, and no matter what your genes may say, cardiometabolic conditions can be successfully treated using lifestyle and functional medicine principles. 

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Until recently, chronic Cardiometabolic conditions such as Diabetes and Hypertension were considered irreversible. Now, not only do we have emerging evidence to show it is reversible, we have a multitude of ways to prevent it from happening via changes to Nutrition and Lifestyle. Combining Lifestyle and Functional Medicine with Nutritional Therapy and Health coaching offers powerful tools for treating, reversing and preventing chronic health conditions in this category. 

When it comes to cardiometabolic health, there are countless diets considered to be the 'best' for particular conditions, but did you know generic diet advice is unlikely to be successful and difficult to maintain. Diet plans should always be tailored to you specifically: your likes, your tolerances, and cultural preferences. At Elemental Health Clinic, we will tailor your health plan that will not only help treat the Cardiometabolic condition but is also likely to reverse it!

Diet Plan

So check out our Cardiometabolic packages:

Diabetes +- Cardiac Review

Lifestyle Intervention

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