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  • Low energy levels

  • Tiredness/Fatigue

  • Stress/ Overwhelm

  • Burnout

  • Insomnia

  • Brain fog

  • Recurrent headaches

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Long Covid

  • Chronic pain

  • Mood Disorders eg Low Mood and Anxiety

  • Hormonal Problems eg Thyroid Disorders

Are you struggling with feeling tired all the time/ overwhelmed/ stressed/ burnt out? Lacking the energy to do the things you love or care for you or your loved ones?

Have you been told all your tests are normal yet despite this continue to struggle to function on a daily basis?

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Often, many of the above symptoms/conditions are thought to be ‘all in your head’ or are incorrectly diagnosed as ‘anxiety or depression’. The current conventional health model doesn’t always have the best solutions for the above.


At Elemental Health Clinic, we acknowledge energy is a complex field of medicine. Understanding systems biology, we truly believe every symptom has a cause and we will thoroughly assess you for these.


We will look to identify and treat these symptoms at source - whether it be hormonal, gut health-related, lifestyle or nutritional issues, we can find the cause of your symptoms using our 360-degree approach, and therefore treat the cause and not just the symptom. 

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Additionally, you don't need to have a diagnosed mental health condition to be struggling with your energy and wellbeing. 21st century living has come with many stressors and complexities. When you have symptoms in this category it is commonplace to see your GP, but the current 10 minutes consultation model is not best suited for identifying and managing all the various triggers that can result in these symptoms such as your psychosocial situation, diet or lifestyle.

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If you would like to explore more ways of restoring your energy beyond medication and treat the underlying causes behind your symptoms then book an appointment with us


To explore this further, you can choose our

Fatigue Screen,

Long Covid package

Stress and Sleep Management

or Discover from the Elemental Method

If you're not sure what to book, why not book a 10 minute call?



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