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We are affiliated with a few organisations, please see below for more information 

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate organisation please email us

Lifecode GX
Nutrigenomic Testing

Personalised nutrigenomic testing 

Dr Kumaran is a trained Nutrigenomics Practitioner with Lifecode Gx therefore can arrange the testing and interpret the results accordingly 


Find out your true biological age

Dr Kumaran is a registered practitioner with glycanage. Through glycanage testing we can understand your true biological age and give personalised recommendations to lower this for ultimate longevity 

The Intelligent Health System

With access to your own health database and testing in one place. Dr Kumaran is a registered Practitioner with Omnos and can guide your through your personal health results

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NAD+ Supplements

NAD is vital to maintain optimal health, energy and combating aging. As you get older NAD+ levels fall dramatically. Using Nuchido Time+, you can support your cell's ability to make NAD+ in an efficient and sustainable way

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