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To improve your overall health, vitality and longevity so that you can be full of energy and live your life to the fullest. 


Addressing ALL the fundamental elements of life to restore health and wellbeing so that you can truly be in your element.


We offer a completely personalised approach to your health

We acknowledge the fundamental principle that no two people are the same… even twins! 

You are completely unique, a one of a kind, with your own unique DNA, unique microbiome and bodies which have been influenced by your environmental factors and life experiences. 

As such, medical problems for one person, despite being of a similar presentation, will not have exactly the same root causes or mediating factors as another person with the same named condition. 


We strongly believe in spending the time to understand you and your body so that we can address your specific root causes, tailor health solutions to your DNA and your microbiome so that you will receive optimal treatment and achieve optimal wellbeing.

Without truly understanding what causes the signs, symptoms or illness, it is not feasible to fully treat the condition and help you return back to maximum health vibrancy.


The standard 10 minute GP appointment is simply not enough to truly understand what's causing your symptoms


The team are able to combine the best of conventional medicine with functional and lifestyle medicine approaches, with tailored nutrition plans and health coaching to deliver a comprehensive bespoke health package to address the root issues causing your health concerns, that will give you the best chance of living a life of optimal health and wellness.

Our aim at Elemental Health Clinic is that you return to vibrant health.


We appreciate that all the systems in the body are connected and that health and wellness should be a full systems-based approach, addressing all the systems of the body, rather than a specialised approach where each symptom is looked at individually.


We will assess your entire body, connect the dots that may be unanswered by the traditional health model and formulate a bespoke treatment plan, that is holistic, and addresses all the drivers for your current symptoms and signs. 

Using the key principles of lifestyle and functional medicine, we can transform your health by addressing issues such as poor gut health, imbalanced hormones, dysfunction of your immune system, poor detoxification and more. 

Diet and Nutrition are key drivers for health and wellness, which is why at Elemental Health Clinic, we ensure that all our patients speak to a nutritionist to create a food plan suitable to their likes and needs. Nutrition works best when it is personalised. Whether you're a carnivore, omnivore or plant-based, we can help you develop a food plant that will improve your health.


Our transformative health package integrates the care of the Doctor, Nutritionist and Health Coach as we truly believe this supportive health team approach will empower you to take back control of your health! 

We appreciate that change can be difficult, and in order to make effective lasting change, a shift in mindset can be vital. A key part of our package is that you will work with a health coach so any new habits are long-lasting and sustainable. Do check out our coaching only packages.



Elemental Health Clinic Ltd is Fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission UK, and has appropriate liability insurances to ensure your fully protected every step of the way



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